Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Grant (WIOA)

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth Grant (WIOA) 

AVTEC is a grantee for the WIOA Youth Grant. This federal grant supports youth and young adults from all over Alaska through a comprehensive system of occupational skills training, work experience opportunities and support services. Working together AVTEC and the WIOA Youth Grant prepares students for the Alaskan workforce and citizenry. AVTEC students under the age of 25 who face barriers to obtaining or maintaining employment may qualify for this program. 

AVTEC students may apply for the WIOA grant at any point during their training by contacting the onsite WIOA Youth Grant Case Manager.

For additional information about the WIOA Youth Program, please visit the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development webpage. This project is federally funded at 55% & non-federally funded at 45%. 

For more information, please contact Shannon Ryan, WIOA Program Coordinator at (907) 224-6173.