TABE Academy Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

The TABE Academy Policy and Frequently Asked Questions:

AVTEC requires completion of the TABE Academy, an online course using skill based lessons, to determine individual readiness in math and reading as applied for the greatest success in training. An applicant gains access to the TABE Academy during the admission process when their application is submitted with the application fee.

*While the actual TABE test is no longer required, AVTEC will accept passing TABE scores completed within the past 18 months.

*Applicants with an earned post-secondary degree may submit a diploma or final transcript in lieu of the TABE Academy requirement. 

The majority of the programs at AVTEC require completion of the TABE Academy through level D in Reading and Math with 80% cumulative grade or higher. The Industrial Electricity program requires completion through level A in Reading and Math with 80% cumulative grade or higher. The Information Technology program requires completion of Reading through level A and Math through level D with 80% cumulative grade or higher.

Why do I need to complete the TABE Academy?

As part of the admission process, AVTEC uses the TABE Academy to effectively assess an applicant’s skills, knowledge, and academic readiness for success as applied in training or the workforce. This requirement is determined by AVTEC’s standards for success in two core subject areas–reading and math. Applicants must meet the required TABE Academy completion before being accepted into their program of choice.

How do I enroll and maintain access to the TABE Academy?

Qualified applicants who have an application on file and have paid the application fee are eligible to access the TABE Academy and are provided instructions during the admission process. The applicant must access the TABE Academy within 7 days of receiving the link and study for at least 2 hours per week to retain access. The maximum amount of time allowed for curriculum completion is 30 days. Individuals requiring more than one reactivation of their TABE Academy account will be charged a $30.00 fee and added back on a space available basis. Two failed attempts to complete will result in a 6-month waiting period. This time allows the applicant to assess their readiness and commitment to AVTEC enrollment and make adjustments to their study habits or approach.

How long is proof of completion of the TABE Academy valid?

The TABE Academy is part of the application process. As long as an application is in an active status, proof of the TABE Academy completion through AVTEC is valid.

Is there a deadline to complete the TABE Academy?

For eligible applicants AVTEC provides access to the TABE Academy up to 30 days prior to the start of training. 

AVTEC, as an employer and service provider, complies with Alaska Human Rights Law and federal civil rights laws. Individuals with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations are welcome to contact AVTEC at or (907)224-3322, or for individuals with hearing impairments via Alaska Relay at 711 or (800)770-8973