AVTEC TABE Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

The Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) assessment is the instrument used at AVTEC to determine individual readiness in math and reading for the greatest success in training; potential students have access to the TABE assessment when their application is submitted with the application fee.

Potential students with an earned post-secondary degree may submit a diploma and final transcript in lieu of the TABE assessment. Review the frequently asked questions below and contact the admissions office at admissions@avtec.edu for more information and to schedule an assessment.

What is the TABE?

The Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE) is a diagnostic assessment used to determine a person’s skill level and aptitudes as applied in the workforce or training. 

What is the required TABE score for AVTEC admission?

You can find TABE scores by clicking here

Why do I need to take the TABE?

As part of the admission process, AVTEC uses the TABE to effectively assess an applicant’s skills, knowledge and academic readiness for success. The entrance scores are determined by AVTEC’s standards for success in two core subject areas–reading and math. Applicants must meet the required TABE scores before being accepted into their program of choice.

Who is eligible to take the TABE?

Qualified AVTEC applicants who have an application on file and have paid the application fee are eligible to take the TABE. High School Juniors (or those who request) may be eligible to take a precursor to the TABE assessment, the TABE Locator. This pre-assessment determines the level of a student’s academic strengths before taking the TABE. If the assessment indicates the student is at the appropriate level, they may be eligible to take the TABE. Due to time and computer constraints, AVTEC does not provide TABE assessments during group tours.

How do I sign up to take the TABE?

The process to take the TABE is dependent on your location and will be addressed during the admissions process.

How long are TABE scores valid?

TABE scores are part of the application process. As long as an application is in an active status, TABE scores provided through AVTEC are valid. TABE scores from external sources are valid for 18 months from the date of assessment.

Is there a deadline to complete the TABE?

AVTEC provides TABE assessments up until 30 days prior to the start of training. If less than 30 days before training begins, a list of alternate testing centers may be provided.

What if I live outside of Alaska?

Out of state and international students are responsible for locating and arranging to take a TABE assessment in their area.

Can I prepare or study for the TABE?

For qualified applicants, AVTEC provides an online learning program, The TABE Academy. The TABE Academy must be accessed by the applicant within 7 days, has a minimum requirement of 1 hour study time per week and has a maximum study time of 60 days for improvement.

What if I don’t achieve the required scores?

If unsuccessful on the initial TABE attempt a student must wait seven days and successfully complete documented study to retake the assessment a second time. The student must successfully complete the curriculum in the area needing improvement (Reading and/or Math) before retaking.

If not successful on the TABE retake, subsequent attempts have a 30-day waiting period with additional documented study. AVTEC is not responsible for providing additional study materials. Individuals requiring more than one retake will be determined on a case-by-case basis and subsequent tests are assigned a $30.00 fee, payable to the AVTEC business office.

A TABE score marked by a minus sign (–) indicates the student is not testing at the appropriate level. The student must wait 30 days and complete a documented study to retake the TABE assessment.