On-Campus Jobs for Students

Student On-Campus Jobs   

AVTEC has varied employment opportunities for students to earn while they learn with benefits to both student workers and everyone on campus. 

Student on-campus jobs include:  ceramics lab, snack bar, IT computer lab attendants, library aides, recreation aides, and baristas. Students generally work about 10 hours per week and earn $12/hour. 

Employment benefits to student workers include:

  • Workplace skills, habits, and references
  • Convenience of working on campus
  • Flexible hours compatible with training
  • Income to support the cost of education 

Advantages provided to all students include:

  • Expanded library hours and recreation opportunities
  • Availability of affordable espresso drinks, snacks, and limited gear on campus
  • Increased opportunities for peer interaction
  • Enthusiasm and new perspectives in campus workplaces

Who Qualifies/How to Apply

Students must be in good standing and remain so for employment to continue. Earlier applicants have a better chance to be hired for a desired position and some positions are reserved for WIOA youth grant participants. All interested students can contact Shannon Ryan at (907) 224-6173 for an application.

Student workers do not participate in retirement, leave accrual, holiday pay, and insurance benefits. There is no probationary period.