Occupational Advisory Committees


Each program at AVTEC has an Occupational Advisory Committee (OAC) comprised of industry, education and community partners whose purpose is to provide advice on training curriculum so students are prepared with the skills they need for employment; lend assistance to AVTEC so the classrooms and shops have current equipment that students will find in the workplace; and advocate for AVTEC to their industry members and in their communities by sharing news and achievement of our students.


Members of the Occupational Advisory Committees are appointed for each program to ensure that desirable, relevant and current practices of each occupation are being taught. Each occupational advisory committee consists of at least three members and up to ten members who are external to the institution and have expertise in the occupational program. They meet at least twice annually to review, at a minimum, the appropriateness of the type of instruction offered and the relevancy of curriculum. Members for the committee can be recommended by existing committee members, AVTEC instructor/staff or individuals may voluntarily request to participate on a committee; they are appointed by the director or their designee to serve a three-year term.

See the attached Occupational Advisory Committee handbook for more details and contact the AVTEC director if interested in participating.