Cathy LeCompte

After a successful fall training term with few incidents of COVID related illness, quarantines, and isolation we are ready to welcome students for the spring start and restart on January 11. To keep our good record intact we have put into place strict protocols including a negative COVID test results prior to attending training and another negative COVID test two weeks in on January 19 to continue training. In addition, students (and staff) must wear face masks when they are not in class or in their residence, wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer when they are unable to wash, and stay in their dorm room or apartment if they are ill and reach out to AVTEC staff for assistance. This short video explains the processes and protocols for a healthy and safe start to the new training term:January 2021 Opening Process

We are in this together so lets gently remind each other when we are not all following these guidelines...questions and concerns can be directed to Cathy LeCompte at 907-224-6150.