Master/Mate 500 and 1600 Ton NC Prep Class

Official Title
Master/Mate 500 and 1600 Ton NC Prep Class
Test Preparation Class

The 500/1600 Ton Master/Mate License Preparation Course is perfectly suited for 100 Ton Masters and/or Able Seaman with qualifying sea service on appropriate tonnage vessels to take the next step in his or her maritime career. For many mariners it is easier to acquire a 500/1600 Master than it is to acquire 200 Master. Many of the upper level maritime courses offered at AVTEC are required by the USCG and STCW 95 before an applicant will be approved for testing at the 500/1600 ton level. Once a mariner has successfully completed all the required course work it would be appropriate to submit their application to the USCG for approval to test and enroll in a license prep class. The tuition for the two week course is $900 (not including fees, meals, and housing). We recommend interested mariners contact AVTEC personal to discuss which courses would be most appropriate.

Call AVTEC Maritime Admissions for more details: 907-224-6196

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M-F 0830 to 1530
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