Maritime Simulations

Full Mission Bridge Simulator

AVTEC’s Alaska Maritime Training Center (AMTC) is host to one of the largest and most robust maritime training simulator suites in the United States. The simulator facility features three Kongsberg™ Class A Det Norsky Veritas (DNV-GL) Certified full-mission bridges, and is a vital component of many of AMTC’s maritime courses.  The simulator meets all of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements for approved United States Coast Guard (USCG) certified training, including a 300 degree field of view. AVTEC’s simulator training suite is an assessment tool used in nearly all of its navigation/ship handling course from entry level mariners to master pilots.

Not only is the simulator is used for regularly scheduled training, it is also utilized for custom vessel and/or company specific training and maritime related research projects.  All three of our ship bridges can be integrated to work together interactively in the same virtual area, or in completely independent exercises.

The simulator bridges apply a 290 to 300 degree field of view to ensure a high level of immersion and offer ample space for bridge teams to work effectively.

Virtual Waterways

Our virtual areas include most navigable waterways in Alaska and the US West Coast. Some major US East Coast and international waterways are also available. All depth, land, and port areas are accurately modeled using geological information provided by NASA and NOAA.  

If a waterway or port of interest does not exist within our simulator, AMTC has the ability to develop any ports or waterways worldwide needed to meet your training or research goals.

Virtual Ships

AVTEC has over 45 ownship models for clients to choose from.  Ship model groups include tankships, cruise ships, container ships, tug boats, fish processors, ice breakers, a USCG cutter and more.  The models are accurate to hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forces, and include all of the systems necessary for safe navigation of the vessel. 

Azimuth controls, bow/stern thrusters, winch controls, anchor controls, sound signaling, navigation lights, modern navigation electronics, VHF radios, intercoms, chart tables and other equipment are included in the bridges.

If AMTC does not possess an appropriate ownship model for your needs, one can be purchased from Kongsberg or a third party and easily integrated into our environment.

Virtual Targets

Target vessels are often key to any simulation exercise to add to realistic and complex training scenarios. AMTC has a library of over 60 target vessels of many different classes. Flotsam, ice, a man overboard, kayaks, whales and other wildlife are also part of our list of target traffic. Target traffic is controlled by automation or the simulator operators.


AMTC’s simulator can generate any kind sea conditions and weather for all seasons, including sea ice. AVTEC is one of the only schools in the world that offers realistic sea ice simulations that support its Basic and Advanced Training for Polar Operations courses (Polar Code).

Oil Spill Recovery

AMTC has a robust oil spill recovery simulation module available for our full mission bridge simulator. Contact us for more information.