Emergency Information

In an emergency call 911

For non-emergencies contact, the Residence Life attendant on duty at 362-1645 or the Seward Police Department dispatch at 224-3338.

As a post-secondary institution and component of the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, the safety of the campus community is our number one priority. AVTEC maintains 24-hour staffing at the Residence Life campus and close communication with local and regional emergency service providers to prevent, prepare and respond to natural and human-caused emergencies that affect our campus or students.

In the event of an emergency, all members of the campus community are instructed to 'shelter in place' and await further instructions regarding how to proceed. In the event of a building evacuation alarm, individuals should report to the designated evacuation point they were informed of during orientation. AVTEC maintains telephonic, video-screen and public address communications across our city-wide campuses. All members of the AVTEC community should see their training or work supervisor if they are unsure what to do in an emergency.

AVTEC does not maintain any police or emergency response staff. All AVTEC facilities are located within the city limits of Seward. Police protection is provided by the Seward Police Department. Fire response is provided by the Seward Fire Department. Emergency medical services are provided by the Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps. In the event of a disaster or community-wide emergency, the Alaska State Troopers and the Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department will provide assistance.

The Providence Seward Medical Center maintains a 24-hour emergency room for advanced medical assistance. AVTEC Residence Life or training staff will provide emergency transportation to access these services whenever it is safe and will coordinate with Seward Volunteer Ambulance Corps if necessary.

Seward is located in an active earthquake zone, and there is a community-wide public address system. In the event of a major emergency, this system will be activated by the Seward Police Department or the Alaska State Troopers in order to provide directions about response to all local residents. It should be noted that all AVTEC facilities, with the exception of the Port Avenue campus, are outside of the inundation zone from the 1964 earthquake and tsunami and the Student Service Center on the Residence Life Campus is one of two designated community evacuation sites in the event of a disaster.