AVTEC employs two Counselors available to provide student support and assistance or refer students to professionals that can assist them.

Individual Counseling

Counselors are available to provide support to students in a confidential environment with topics or events that may create obstacles for completion of training, gaining employment, or for personal growth. 


Counselors are available to advocate for students at disciplinary actions or court hearings. They can verify that disciplinary actions follow the process outlined in the student handbook and work with department heads and residence life staff to ensure that disciplinary actions are applied fairly and consistently across the student body.

Counselors advocate for students who believe they have been treated unfairly and/or if they have cause to appeal a disciplinary action. 


Counselors assist students when the student is in a time of hardship or transition. (e.g., homework, driver’s license preparation; finding safe housing; helping connect with medical, substance abuse, or mental health counselors; or public assistance)


The Counseling staff refers students to available assistance programs depending on the need or desires of the student. 

Some assistance programs available in Seward include:  

  • Housing
  • Child care       
  • Financial assistance       
  • Foodbank       
  • Substance abuse treatment, AA, and/or NA
  • Mental health       
  • Employment          
  • Foundations/Study Skills Program 


To make an appointment or see an AVTEC counselor please see the following options:

Counselor- Kale Tippet

Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.                       

(907) 224-6170 or (907) 422-7277                        

Counselors are located in the upstairs of the AVTEC Student Service Center at 519 4th Avenue.