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AVTEC – Alaska’s Institute of Technology, started out as The Alaska Skills Center in response to developing demand associated with the 1968 discovery of oil in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  Originally created as a post-secondary component of the State of Alaska Department of Education, AVTEC stands for Alaska Vocational Technical Center.  It was rebranded as AVTEC – Alaska’s Institute of Technology to reflect its ever evolving mission of training Alaskan’s for work demanded by Industry.  AVTEC – Alaska’s Institute of Technology is a division of the State of Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development (DOLWD).  It is the only statewide post-secondary vocational training center operated by the state.  As a career and technical education center (CTE) AVTEC provides for Alaska’s residents a means to an entry-level career in under a year.  

AVTEC’s primary mission is to train a diverse and effective workforce that supports the economic growth and stability of Alaska.  Additionally, it serves Alaska’s attending population by providing pathways to careers able to sustain and support their interests for a lifetime without the undue burden of huge student loan debt.  Our placement rate for completers is over 90% within the year after completion.  AVTEC was recently ranked 22nd in the nation for affordability.  “A career in less than a year!” is not just our motto, it is a fact for students that apply themselves to the rigors of the training the State, through AVTEC, provides.  

Located at the headwaters of Resurrection Bay, in Seward, Alaska, AVTEC campuses stretch across multiple locations in the community and its training facilities are supported by a full-fledged Department of Residence Life.  Like the University system, the state recognized that attendees at AVTEC would need affordable temporary housing and support in order to take advantage of the training programs it made available to all residents.  Those who elect to live in residence will find both dormitory style and family housing (for students with spouse or families), cafeteria meal services, and recreation facilities.  

As a division of the DOLWD, AVTEC reports directly to the Commissioner of Labor.  It is further guided by the actions and resolutions of the Alaska Workforce Investment Board, AWIB.  Finally, industry experts appointed by the Commissioner serve on a statewide advisory board and program specific advisory boards serve over each training department.  These industry experts at both the statewide level and the program level review, recommend and approve curriculum for the ever evolving demands of industry, ensuring that the training students receive is both relevant and valued by employers in Alaska.  

For more information and greater knowledge of AVTEC, please explore our website (www.avtec.edu) and let us know if you have any questions or would like more information about any of our training programs.  1-800-478-5389.

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