Student Attendance, Grading and Training Policies


The training day is spent in the classroom and training labs immersed in theory and hands-on learning focused on a specific field of study. Students are expected to be in class, on time, every day during their training program and are graded on attendance and timeliness arriving to class. If illness prevents attendance, students are expected to call into the appropriate program contact person prior to the start of the training day. Students can be dismissed from training for failure to call in when ill or for excessive tardiness. Generally, a warning is issued, followed by probation and then dismissal if corrective action is not taken. 

Training Summary, Monthly In-Progress Reports and Student Achievement 

The training summary outlines the technical and employability skills that students can expect to master during their training at AVTEC. Instructors complete and share with the student a monthly in-progress report that indicates the student's progress in the achievement of attaining the technical and employability skills outlined in the training summary. At the completion of the training program, the in-progress reports are summarized on to the training summary and that serves as the student's permanent record of achievement in training at AVTEC.

Students demonstrate mastery of skills outlined on a training summary and are awarded recognition at different achievement levels. Student achievement is measured on each training objective listed on the training summary. Students who successfully achieve learning objectives receive an AVTEC Certificate of Completion and in select programs are eligible to earn industry certification.

Level 1 Demonstration only; no practice provided with further training required.
Level 2 Limited Skill; performed job during training program, additional training is required.
Level 3 Moderately Skilled; performed independently in a learning situation and may require initial supervision.
Level 4 Skilled; performed task independently and requires minimal supervision

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Students must remain in good standing to continue to receive financial aid and remain in training. Students who continue to make satisfactory progress toward attaining the required technical and employability skills as indicated on the monthly in-progress reports remain in good standing.  

Good standing status means that a student is:  

  • Clear of any probationary action, and
  • is achieving satisfactory monthly in-progress reports, and
  • has total absences, unexcused and excused combined, of less than ten percent of the total available training days to date.

Previous Training or Work Experience

On a program-specific and case by case basis, students who demonstrate proficiency in a technical skill due to previous training or work experience, including military service, may be able to advance in training. Students who believe they may qualify can work with the instructor for this opportunity.

Transferring Between AVTEC Programs

Students may transfer between AVTEC programs during the first week of training with approval from the instructors of both programs, consultation with the financial aid officer and approval from the AVTEC director or their designee. Students may obtain a Training Program Transfer Request form and assistance completing it from their counselor or instructor.