Pipe Welding Program

Pipe CutterCertified pipe welders continue to be in demand in the petroleum industry. Pipes not only transport commodities in Alaska, they are also used to build structures, affording pipe welders the opportunity to apply their skills in a variety of work settings.  Proficient pipe welders must be willing to work hard and spend time at their trade. Good physical condition, eyesight, and mechanical aptitude are also required.


To allow students with previous welding experience to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully pass the ASME 6G Pipe Welding certification test.

Length of Course

450 clock hours, 75 training days


September and January

Training Hours

8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Occupational Levels

Certified Pipe Welder, Pipe Welder Entry Level, Pipe Welder Helper

Besides the standard training equipment available for basic welding students, pipe welding students learn to operate portable pipe cutting equipment. They also receive instruction in basic pipe layout.


As part of the pipe welding curriculum, AVTEC pipe welding students will first be required to pass an open root, all position, plate test using the SMAW process before advancing into pipe welding procedures. 

Proficient pipe welders must be willing to work hard and spend time at their trade. Good physical condition, eyesight, and mechanical aptitude are also required.

Entry Requirements

Pipe Welding is an advanced course.

For specific information on entry guidelines in reading and mathematics for this program, contact the Admissions Office at (800) 478-5389.TABE tests scores for this program must be:

Reading - 555
Combined Math - 552

Students must also meet the following:

  • Be an AVTEC graduate as a Structural Welder.
      -OR -
  • Have 2 or more years of structural welding field experience AND Be certified to the AWS D1.1 unlimited thickness structural steel code; within the last 2 years.

Documentation that you have worked in the welding field shall be provided by the applicant.  The welding instructor will review your certification and experience for approval.

Physical requirements of the occupation are the ability to lift 100 pounds, carry 50 pounds, stoop, kneel, crawl, walk, and stand continuously. The student must have the ability to manipulate various types of welding equipment and welding processes, which require the ability to feed filler metal and manipulate the torch head for temperature or arc length. Have the ability to manipulate welding fixtures, place material in fixtures above your head and weld in various positions for extended periods. Welding requires good hand-eye coordination and eyesight corrected to 20/20 with excellent depth perception. We strongly recommend an eye examination prior to enrollment so that corrective lenses or glasses may be obtained prior to the start of class.

Earn University of Alaska Credit While Attending

AVTEC Pipe Welding graduates may earn up to 12 University of Alaska college credits (depending on coursework completed) while attending AVTEC.


Students must successfully complete the ASME 6G pipe certification test to graduate as a Certified Pipe Welder.

National certification is available through the American Welding Society, an independent agency. This testing is an additional cost, and is performed in Anchorage. It is the student's responsibility to make transportation arrangements to the testing site. Contact the instructor for exact costs. In addition to earning the AVTEC Certified Pipe Welder certificate, students can also prepare for and earn the following industry certification: Pipe Certification to ASME section IX, 6G Pipe .

Program Content

To achieve a Pipe Welding certificate, students must complete the following requirements. For a detailed description of each requirement, click on the link below.

Course Hours
O.A.W. - Oxyacetylene Welding 23
S.M.A.W. - Stick Electrode 367
Related Studies 60
Total Hours 450

O.A.W. - Oxyacetylene Welding

Use oxyacetylene cutting equipment to prepare pipe for welding.

S.M.A.W. Stick Electrode

Perform open root pipe welding in the 2G, 5G, and 6G positions with sufficient quality to pass the ASME guided bend test. Perform downhill pipe welding in the 2G and 5G position with sufficient quality to pass the API 1104 guided bend test. Prepare, tack weld and weld pipe in the 6G position using a backing ring; demonstrate basic skills in pipe layout and pipefitting fabrication; fabricate fittings from pipe; demonstrate basic pipe welding skills using GTA welding process. Also includes introduction and exposure to Flux core welding and blueprint reading.

Related Studies

First Aid-CPR, Welders math, job search training, resume writing and interview classes.
Note: First Aid & CPR, job search and job interview training will be optional and offered in evenings or on weekends.

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