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AVTEC LPN PinThe training is offered in the Anchorage area.

LPN's should have a caring, sympathetic nature. They should be emotionally stable because work with the sick and injured can be stressful. As part of a health care team, they must be able to follow orders and work under close supervision. Practical Nurses provide care for people who are sick, injured, convalescing, and developmentally disabled, under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. Most LPN's provide basic bedside care. LPN's in nursing homes, in addition to providing routine bedside care, may also help evaluate residents' needs, develop care plans, and supervise nursing aides. In doctors' offices and clinics, including health maintenance organizations, they may also make appointments, keep records, and perform other clerical duties. LPN's who work in home health may also prepare meals and teach family members simple nursing tasks. They take vital signs and they also treat bedsores, prepare and give injections and enemas, apply dressings, give massages, apply ice packs and hot water bottles, and insert catheters. LPN's observe patients and report adverse reactions to medications or treatments. They may collect samples from patients for testing and perform routine laboratory tests. They help patients with bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene, feed them and record food and liquid intake and output, keep them comfortable, and care for their emotional needs. Some experienced LPN's supervise nursing assistants and aides.

AVTEC Allied Health StudentAlaska has added more than 600 nursing related workers to its wage and salary employment over 2003 & 2008. The number of people in nursing occupations is forecasted to continue to climb upward for the foreseeable future. Job prospects for PN’s are expected to be excellent, as employment grows much faster than it has in the past. As in most other occupations, replacement needs will be the main source of job openings. Nursing homes will offer the most new jobs for LPN's as the number of aged and disabled persons in need of long-term care rises rapidly. In addition to caring for the aged, nursing homes may be called on to care for the increasing number of patients who have been released from the hospital and have not yet recovered enough to return home. Very rapid growth is also expected in residential care facilities such as assisted living homes, elderly housing, and group homes for the mentally challenged, as well as in home health care services.

Earn University of Alaska Credit While Attending AVTEC

PN graduates may earn college credit equivalent to the first year of the University of Alaska Associate of Applied Science Nursing Program.


PDF Reader Required LPN Application Checklist

Applicants must hold a valid Certified Nurse Assistant registration with the State of Alaska Board of Nursing. The CNA registration must be maintained as current while attending the Practical Nurse program. Applicants must have high school diploma or GED transcripts or Accuplacer Test (Ability to Benefit). High school chemistry or non-credit college chemistry with lab (course below 100 level) is required. Applicants TABE testing scores on reading and math must be a minimum of 12th grade level. Applicants must have current certification in Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers. Twenty one credits of general education at the college level are required. These credits are not offered at AVTEC. The general education credits are approved for transfer to AVTEC if taken at a college or university that is regionally or nationally accredited and approved by the U.S. Department of Education. Applicants must pass the courses with a grade equivalent of a C or better.

General Education Prerequisite Courses

The general education prerequisite courses total 21 credits. These are courses not offered by AVTEC. Applicants must have completed the prerequisite courses prior to beginning Practical Nursing classes at AVTEC.

Applicant must have completed:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II with lab. Introduction to human structure and function, with all body systems covered in the 2 components of the course. [8 credits (or equivalent); 6 lecture and 2 laboratory]
  • Microbiology with lab. Introductory microbiology covering bacteriology, virology, host parasite interactions, host defense mechanisms, and epidemiology. [4 credits (or equivalent); 3 lecture and 1 laboratory]
  • Nutrition (for Health Sciences). Study of human nutrition in the life cycle. Includes food sources, nutrient requirements, physiology and metabolism aspects of nutrition, and relationships to disease states and health science interventions. (3 credits or equivalent)
  • Human Lifespan Development. Physical, psychosocial, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development across the lifespan with attention given to cultural influences on development. Both classical and contemporary theories are considered. (3 credits equivalent)
  • English, Written Communication. Instruction in the composition of written documents with attention to style, organization and the exposition of thoughts. (3 credits equivalent)

Applicants must have MMR 1 and 2 (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), Varicella (Chicken Pox) and Hepatitis B series immunizations and TB test prior to clinical training. Meningitis vaccination or signed form declining this vaccination.

You will be required to provide a current background check from Certification and Licensing Department, Alaska Division of Public Health. Call their office to inquire about cost. Current background check is due one week before clinical training but cannot be completed earlier than one month prior to training.

TABE tests scores for this program must be:

  • Reading - 617
  • Combined Math - 609

Physical requirements of the occupation are the ability to lift 50 lbs


To prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to practice in the modern health care world as a Practical Nurse and to continue their education in nursing.

Program Content

To achieve a Practical Nurse certificate, students must complete the following requirements. For a detailed description of each requirement, click on the link below.

Requirements Hours
 Foundations in Nursing with Clinical Experience 177
 Nursing in Health and Illness    132
 Nursing Care of Adults 486
 Pharmacology 1  45
 Introduction to Maternal/Child Nursing with Clinical  Experience 186
 Ethics and Issues in Nursing 45
 Clinical Concentration 96
 Nursing Skills 45

Foundations in Nursing with Clinical Experience AH 101

This course focuses on the core concepts of nursing; (nursing process, person, caring and health) are presented. The interrelationship of the core concepts to threads of the curriculum (development, communication, culture, care continuum and role development) are set in motion. The development of safe and effective basic nursing skills is emphasized. Therapeutic communication skills are introduced as a means of health promotion. Students begin the socialization process into professional nursing. (5 credits)

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Nursing in Health and Illness AH 102

This course focuses on the concepts of health in the care continuum across the life span. Students will use the nursing process to meet health promotional and maintenance needs of people in various settings. The assessment of individuals and the practical nurses role in that process will be presented. A focus on the importance of therapeutic communication skills to health promotion is continued. (2 credits)  

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Nursing Care of Adults AH 103

This course focuses on the nursing care of adults with acute physiological problems. Students will have focused theory and guided clinical experiences emphasizing the physiologic and psychosocial needs of adults in various developmental states. The development of assessment techniques will be continued. The relationship of assessment to the implementation of nursing actions will be discussed. (10 credits)

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Pharmacology 1 AH 105

This course will present calculation of medications, use of medications (including actions, side effects, life-span considerations) and the understanding of various forms of medication delivery to the patient. Teaching patients concerning medications will be discussed and practiced. 
(1 credit)

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Introduction to Maternal/Child Nursing with Clinical Experience AH 104

This course will present the nursing care for childrearing and child bearing families from pre-fertilization through adolescence. Increased development of nursing skills is based on an understanding of principles of the practical nursing role. (4 credits)

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Ethics and Issues in Nursing AH 106

This course presents the legal and ethical issues that the practical nurse will face in various work settings. Included in the course will be discussion of the various roles the experienced PN can occupy in the health care system, employment trends, professional responsibilities and issues. (1 credit)

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Clinical Concentration AH 107

This course will provide intensive clinical experience with a nurse preceptor in an actual work situation. The student will work 24-30 hours per week for a total of 96-100 clinical hours.
(2 credits)

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Nursing Skills AH 108

This course focuses on utilizing the skills lab to practice specialized skills in nursing including ostomy, feeding tubes, trachostomy, respiratory care treatments, urinary catheterization, and wound care. Focus assessments for each body system studied will be practiced. (1 credit)

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Length of Course

Length of Course

1,212 clock hours, 176 training days


Mid-August and January

Training Hours

Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m., classroom
Clinical/Preceptor Hrs - Depends upon availability of clinical sight. Hours and days may vary.


Upon completion of the Practical Nursing program you will receive an occupational certificate of completion. Students who successfully complete the AVTEC Practical Nursing program will be eligible to take the National Council Licensing Examination for Practical Nursing. If students pass the exam, the State Division of Occupational Licensing will issue the student their License in Practical Nursing.


For an application or information, email Vivica Carr in Admissions at the Allied Health Department, at vivica.carr@avtec.edu, or call (907) 334-2230.

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