Office Assistant Program

Office AssistantIf you would like to work in an office setting but have little or no experience with computers and office applications, the AVTEC Office Assistant program is designed for you. In just 5 months you will learn the skills necessary to begin an office career. After completing this program you can go directly to work or enter an advanced program that prepares graduates as an Accounting Specialist, Administrative Assistant, or Medical Administrative Assistant.

The focus of this program is to give students skills in word processing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, email, and other important office support skills. Students will also learn basic organizational and communication skills needed as an office assisting professional.

Earn University of Alaska college credits (depending on coursework completed) while attending AVTEC.

Change the course of your career and future
With an annual placement rate consistently averaging above 90 percent, join the many successful graduates who are employed in their chosen field around the State of Alaska.

Office Assistant Courses

The Office Assistant classes will provide you with hands on training to develop your skills in:

Computer Operations and Software Applications (Contact hours: 337)
Computer operations and software applications include the use of Microsoft Windows commands to start applications and manage files on a stand-alone personal computer and in a networked environment. Students also develop the skills required to produce quality mailable office documents using Microsoft Word, present financial information and other numerical data using Microsoft Excel, and prepare electronic presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Students demonstrate the use of Internet technologies including effective Internet searching and the efficient use of electronic mail.

Keyboarding and Document Processing, Proofreading and Editing
(Contact hours: 60)
Students learn and demonstrate proper “touch typing” technique. They learn proofreading skills to identify errors, make corrections, and apply standard proofreading marks. Using a word processor, students create mailable personal-business letters, business letters, interoffice memorandums, envelopes and labels, and other documents. Throughout the program students practice daily to develop acceptable speed and accuracy levels.

Office Procedures and Office Machines, Job and Interview Preparation, and Internship Training
(Contact hours: 90)
Students complete a wide variety of office procedures that include ways to contribute to office safety and productivity; selecting appropriate professional behavior in office situations; demonstrating effective telephone techniques; identifying banking services; demonstrating the ability to sort, log, and route incoming mail; preparing outgoing mail and applying appropriate services, classes, and rates; applying indexing and alphabetic, numerical, subject, and geographical filing rules and procedures; demonstrating the use, identification, and purchasing of office supplies; and schedule travel arrangements, prepare travel itineraries, and complete expense reports. Students operate common office machines including the photocopier, fax, calculator, and shredder.

Throughout the program students practice daily to develop acceptable 10-key speed and accuracy levels. Students also complete an application form and resume, participate in scenarios utilizing various workplace communications skills, develop interview techniques and complete a video-taped simulated job interview, and complete an Internship that consists of a minimum of one week of training in a business, industry, or other agency. Internships provide students with direct supervised work experience related to their training.

Recordkeeping (Contact hours: 60)
The recordkeeping section of the program focuses on both personal records and forms and basic business records. Competencies include completing, verifying, filing and maintaining personal records and forms for banking, budgets, and credit; handling cash; and preparing business records for sales, travel, budgets and business banking.

Business English (Contact hours: 60)
Students develop the writing skills required in business and office employment and include: time management and study skills, proofreading techniques, correct word usage, sentence structure skills (use of commas and other punctuation marks, capitalization, numbers, and abbreviations), writing business letters and memos, and composing employment letters.

Business Mathematics (Contact hours: 30)
Students master the use of basic mathematics needed in business and office employment and in personal finance, and include: whole numbers, decimals, credit, interest, percents, and mathematics of buying and selling.

Industry Certifications
In addition to the Office Assistant certificate, students can also prepare for and earn the following industry certifications:

  • Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)


To provide students with the technical office skills and professional work habits for career success in today's business and industry. The Office Assistant program is committed to producing well-qualified employees for Alaska's companies, to providing a professional learning environment, and to meeting the needs of Alaska's diverse multicultural communities.

Length of Course

637 clock hours 91 training days



Training Hours

8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday


Students need to read at a minimum 8th grade reading level. TABE tests scores for this program must be: Reading - 555 Combined Math - 552

Contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-478-5389 for program entrance information and testing requirements. Physical requirements of the occupation are good eyesight, finger coordination, and the ability to sit for one to two hours.

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