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Thursday March 27, 2014

Peter McNeal Scholarship Available

Peter McNeal fell off a skiff in the Anchorage small boat harbor on his way to the tug boat “SamB” in October 2013. He was 28 years old. Brice Marine is honoring Peter McNeal with this Memorial Scholarship which will be offered annually for 10 years.

Individuals interested in this scholarship, should contact Kim Kain, AVTEC Financial Aid Officer at
907-224-6157 or kim.kain@avtec.edu.

Thursday August 29, 2013

Thomas B. Crowley Memorial Able Seaman/Tankerman Scholarship
for Alaska Native Students

AVTEC - Alaska’s Institute of Technology is accepting applications for two $2,000 scholarships funded by Crowley Maritime Corp. for Alaska Native students. The scholarships are for students who will attend AVTEC’s Able-Bodied Mariner Training Program in Seward. Scholarship winners will be able to use the awards for the next AB mariner training program.

The Thomas B. Crowley, Sr. Memorial Scholarships recognizes students who demonstrate achievement and leadership ability to successfully pursue careers in the towing industry. With this support, Crowley Maritime is helping train a local workforce for Alaska’s maritime industry.

Candidates eligible for the scholarship must be Alaska Native, hold a valid Merchant Mariner Credential or a U.S. Coast Guard License or Merchant Mariner Document, hold a Transportation Worker I.D. card and provide sea-service letters or discharge.

Interested persons will need the following forms prior to applying. These forms require Adobe Reader to view or print. To save them to your computer, use the Save button after opening in your browser:

Alaskan Native students who are interested in the Crowley Maritime Scholarships should contact Kim Kain at 907-224-6157 or kim.kain@avtec.edu

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